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International RI Symposium

Disabled athletes do various sports: soccer, archery, volleball, basketball, cycling, high- speed and others.

International RI Symposium

Programme and Speakers

Benefits & Conditions of Sports regarding Health and Participation of People with Disabilities

On the occasion of the Wheelchair Basketball World Championships (WBWC) 2018 in Hamburg, Germany, the organizing partners are proud to announce an international symposium, where international scientists, experts and practitioners will present important aspects of sports and physical education in relation to rehabilitation.

It is well recognized that sports can provide an important contribution to health and participation of people with disabilities. With this symposium we aim to collect and promote the knowledge of the benefits of sports and the conditions to be met in order to achieve these benefits.

The event furthermore aims to provide a platform for establishing networks and cooperation among professionals in the area of Leisure, Recreation and Physical Activity, interested in the benefits of sports in a rehabilitation context.

16th of August 2018
8:30 am - 15:00 pm

Hotel Grand Elysée Hamburg
Rothenbaumchaussee 10
20148 Hamburg, Germany

Afterwards you have the opportunity to participate in the opening ceremony and opening game
of the Wheelchair Basketball World Championships. Departure at 15:15 pm.

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